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How To Read A Novel

Education : English

This may sound like a strange how to, in as much as one way to read a novel is to read it page by page!

However, there are some tips that will make your novel reading more effective:

- Read the information on the inner and outer covers - often there will be a forward or a prologue that introduces the topic, the author, the subject matter, and gives you some context for the novel and stops you going in 'cold'

- If reading for a school essay, then one key thing will be to know who the characters are and how integral they are. Therefore as you go through, note down the names of characters. List their relation to each other (e.g. son or daughter). Assess how important they are.

- Split up your reading. If you read half a novel in one sitting more often than not you will skim read and remember little. Better to split up a few chapters at a time so you get into a rhythm with your reading but not so much that you skim over important information and your attention is lost.

By: Chris

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