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How To Save Money At Home

Money : Money Management

Running a home is notoriously expensive but there are things you can do to try and reduce this.

If you have a low water usage, then you are probably subsidising those large families that use more, as there is a flat rate.

Consider getting a water meter installed so that you only pay for that water which you use.

Consider replacing bright bulbs with dimmer ones - they use less electricity.

Get into the habit of only having lights on in the room when you are in the room.

Also get into the habit of turning devices off once you have used them - do not leave them on standby all the time. Whilst the usage is little in standby, over several appliances over the course of the year, it does add up to an appreciable amount.

The bottom line is that with some discipline in and around the home, you can save significant amounts of money, without quite resorting to the levels of wearing ever thicker jumpers instead of putting the heating on!

By: Stephen

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