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How To Save Money Shopping

Money : Saving

Here are some great tips to save money when shopping.

Avoid online purchases where possible as the retailers always charge more for this, especially in delivery charges. You can often find the same items a lot cheaper in store.

Shop around and use comparison websites to find the best deals available if you do buy online. Also seach for voucher codes as there are often discounts out there. Remeber to use any vouchers, loyalty points or cash back websites where possible.

When choosing clothes, its best to try them on in store as you will effectively waste any delivery charges if you have to send them all back again via post. Avoid store cards as they often have high interest rates if you dont pay back on a monthly basis, so it is much easier and safer to just pay in cash.

If you are buying cosmetics or toiletries then compare prices at your local supermarket, as well as Superdrug and Boots. Sometimes one of these stores will have much cheaper items for sale, or a buy one get one free offer.

By: Danielle

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