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How To Set Good New Years Resolutions


If you want to keep your resolutions then you need to set ones that you can easily phrase in terms of a goal.

This means that you need to be specific with your goal - if you say you are going to eat less crisps than what does this mean?

Try to be more exact - I will eat no more than three packs of crisps a week. Otherwise it will be hard to measure.

Also ensure that the goal you set is attainable - if you love chocolate then to say you are never ever going to eat chocolate again - ever - is unlikely to be successful. As a rule look to cut down rather than completely cut out!

Try to keep your list with you regularly so that you can check how you are doing and remind yourself what is on the list!

Finally make sure that you only focus on a few resolutions each year - you can't achieve too much at once!

By: Stephanie

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