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How To Set Up A Speed Dating Event

Relationships : Speed Dating

So, it is now the day of your speed dating event... how exciting. You nervously wonder who is going to turn up, and then realise that you need to actually set up the furniture.

The best way to find how to organise things is to go to a couple of events yourself and see how the organisers of those do it.

In most cases, there will be small tables that sit two people, and a chair either side of the table. However, some people will sit the chairs at right angles to each other for their events for a less formal feel, the opposite chairs can seem a bit like an interview situation.

You will ned to have some sort of alarm remember so test that it is loud enough and that it reaches all parts - it could get noisy with all that talking!

Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for all possible participants, although you will tend to have some no shows it is best to be prepared for the evening.

Next you should ensure that someone meets everyone as soon as they arrive and gives them the essentials: name tag, card, pen. Some people will be nervous, therefore you should explain the rules quickly as people come in.

Before the event starts, explain the rules to everyone once more - what your time limit is going to be, and what the alarm sounds like.

After the event thank people for coming, smile, and off they go... making sure you collect all their cards before they leave so that you can make up the matches, which you then email to those who select each other as potential matches of interest.

By: Stephanie

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