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Sleep Better

Self Development : Stress

Are you struggling to sleep, or just want to know how to get the most out of your sleep? Follow this handy guide in getting the best sleep you can, and you will be on your way to sleep heaven in no time.
Sleep is so important for your body and mind, you need to have the right amount of sleep each night to recover from the day and all the stresses.

Make sure your bed looks welcoming, clear clutter, and keep everything simple. Make sure you have an ideal temperature in your room, and make it look comfortable!
Make sure your mattress is in good condition! It will help you sleep better if the mattress is correct.

Try new sleeping positions!
If you are finding it hard to sleep, change position, it might make a big difference.

Take a bath before bed.
A warm bath or shower will relax your body and make you feel clean. Use some nice bath stuff to like Relaxing Radox.

Watch what you eat.
Do not eat three hours before bed or this could interrupt your sleep, the heavier the meal, the longer it will digest! But you also don’t want to be going to bed on an empty stomach. An empty stomach is just as bad, and if it is grumbling it will keep you awake.

Ditch Caffeine hours before bed. But do drink a relaxing beverage like warm milk or chamomile tea. Drink water throughout the day to keep hydrated but stop two hours before bed.
Lower the lights an hour before bed. It will let your body know that sleep is near. Then when your ready to sleep turn out the lights, and have as much darkness as possible. An eye
mask could help with this!

Put some lavender on your pillow for extra relaxation!

The more you tell yourself you will have a good nights sleep, the more you will, enjoy sleep and it will happen, if you still struggle try some over the counter herbal remedies like ‘Kalms’

By: Jade

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