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How To Sort Out An Argument Between Your Children

Relationships : Family

Focus on emotions first. Obviously get them to calm down before you speak to them. They could sit on their own for a while or go outside.

Focus on the problem and not the actual fight. Dont cast blame on any of them until you get the facts. Also make sure you can suggest a way to resolve the issue, such as when they can watch TV or who gets to play on a bike.

Listen to them carefully. Listen to both children separately and then make a decision. Compromise, such as if they want to watch a programme until 10pm but their bed time is 9pm, then maybe suggest that if they're good they can stay up until 9.30pm.

State the problem as you see it and make them see how their behaviour may have affected the other person. They can agree to disagree and spend the day apart if they still wont make up. Put them in separate rooms and dont spend more time with one than the other otherwise it may cause more jealousy.

By: Danielle

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