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Stopping Spots

Beauty : Teens And Beauty

Well I found the easiest way is to be happy. I've had theese spots for over a year and I've made a new best friend and 'coz she has quite a lot of friends and I do too, we've became quite poular and one of my wishes were to be popular so I'm happy now.

drink lots too 'coz it makes you healthier and clears your skin. Have 8 glasses of water. It sound hard but after a week you'll get used to it and if you stop after a week you'll get really thirsty. Trust me, it helps!

It takes quite a while to be happy but the best tip to being happy is be really nice to people and make friends (you may have really annoying people but make the most of it.)

And a tip for that: DON'T GIVE UP!

x Hope It Helps x

By: Aylin

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