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How To Teleport


Teleportation is the stuff of science fiction... or is it?

Well, on a much more modest scale it is actually possible to teleport and real life science experiments have shown this. So it seems a good idea to have an article on how to teleport, probably not something you see on many how to sites :)

How does it work and what has been done so far?

Well to start with the latter question, scientists have made the rather modest teleport happen - a single particle. And how has it been done?

Using a rather strange phenomenon of quantum physics that is called entanglement. Briefly put, two particles can be in such a state where they are entangled, and this enables strange action at a distance to take place - when something happens to one of the partners, the change is instantly reflected to the other partner too. The full details are too complicated to go into, but that's the bottom line.

And this feature has been used to transfer the state of one particle to that of another instantaneously at a given distance away - which may not sound much like teleportation but infact it achieves the same end, of transferring an identical state to another location instantaneously.

So what chance real teleporters for humans or even simple things like a grain of sand? These are still an awful long way off and may not be practically possible. But it is interesting enough as a start that teleportation of a sort is now science fact not merely science fiction!

By: Stephen

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