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How To Tell From Body Language If Someone Likes You

Relationships : Dating Advice

They often say that most of what we say is actually through our body language and not the words that come out of our mouths.

With this gem in mind, is it possible to find out if someone likes us before we go over and ask them out so we know we are at least likely to be onto a winner and not suffer the embarrassment of a big rejection statement from the object of our affections?

Well, the short answer is yes. Often body language is a giveaway as to how someone feels about you.

For instance, if you catch their eye and they smile, then it is a very good sign. If they just look away, or frown, then it is not such a good sign!

One clue that someone likes you is if they have angled their body slightly to face you. Whilst this could just be a comfortable position more often than not it is a good sign.

If however they turn away or adopt closed body language, for instance arms tightly crossed across their chest, then it is likely that they haven't noticed you or just aren't interested - in this case it is best to give up and find another suitable target!

By: Stephanie

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