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The Philosophy Of Good Networking

Career : Business Networking

If you get a reputation as someone who just uses their business contacts to get what they want, with little regard for the individual, then you may lose the respect of both your network and those on the periphery of the network.

It is key that you try to network in a way that is mutually beneficial to the other members of the network.

A good principle is to GIVE WITHOUT EXPECTING TO RECEIVE. This means that you help others out, but without some ulterior motive that they will instantly do something back.

If you adopt the attitude whereby you are willing to help others with no clear expectation to gain back, you may be pleasantly surprised.

First, people will WANT to network with you, but more importantly, one thing we value more in this life than anything else is kindness and honesty. If you demonstrate these qualities, people are much more likely to come back to you if they can give you some business or refer you to friends.

By: Job Expert

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