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How To Touch Up Your Makeup

Beauty : Cosmetics

You don't need to reapply all your makeup in the middle of the day, but you can do a few things to freshen your face in just 5 minutes. With foundation and concealers, it should definitely only be necessary to reapply them if you are covering circles under your eyes or a bad spot, but otherwise don't do it or you will make your complexion look patchy. If any of it has become smudged or cakey, then blend it in. If you use a powder, pat some on to even out your complexion.

Blusher can be put on again - just a few quick, light strokes beginning on the apple of your cheek and moving upwards to the hairline. If your eye makeup has become smudged or there are debris under your eyes, then remove that and reapply to the eye as necessary. If you find that your eyeshadow has always vanished within a few hours then you should change to a longer lasting formula.

To fix your lips, simply remove any remaining lipstick with a tissue, then outline your lips and fill in with a matching colour. If you want to make your lipstick last longer, try patting on a little face powder to your lips after applying the colour.

By: Bev Woolfson on Thu, May 2nd 2002

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I have 2 tips :

1.To give your skin a soft feel and more even look pat scentless talc onto your face after appling foundation.

2. If you have greasy skin wear light makeup as the oil will make it look darker..

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