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How To Turn Down A Date

Beauty : Men And Dating

Sometimes when you get asked out, it won't be by someone that you life, for whatever reason.

Some girls are too nice and go along with the date anyway so as not to hurt the guys' feelings straight off. But this is wrong as it will just lead to more hurt down the line.

Rather you should be kind and say you are very flattered, but don't feel it would be right for either of you.

By expressing it that way they feel more like you are considering them as well and not just rejecting them out of hand.

Certainly don't turn down in public if at all possible as it will be humiliating, and don't be rude and say something like 'I would never go out with someone like you ever!' After all, no matter who it was that asked you out, it is very flattering that they find you attractive.

By: Stephanie

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