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How To Use Your Lifelines In Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Games : Board Games

Many players could get further with more judicious use of lifelines. This applies if you play at home or on the show itself.

Here are some guidelines:

For questions under 32000 that you don't know at all, ask the audience. They will often know these ones en masse. Above that amount there is very little point asking them, as the question is more obscure and they will probably just be guessing.

Only use you 50/50 if reducing to two answers will actually help. If you have no idea at all, use one of the other lifelines in preference if you have them.

Also note that if you get down to the two options you thought it was, then you will need to use another lifeline. Therefore this is best when you have a strong hunch but aren't quite sure.

Ask the Audience often works well with TV programs and popular music, which audiences always seem to be up on - anything current affairs or culture!

Finally with regard phone a friend, again use it when you are very unsure of the answer. If on the computer game then it is pot luck if they know the answer. If playing the game for real then, of course, try to phone the person with most knowledge on a particular subject.

By: Stephen

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