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How To Visit Historical Sites With Children

Relationships : Family Holidays

Now, you are on holiday, and you want to do some culture.

This might be visiting a historical site or a gallery, but you know one thing for sure... the kids want to explore, be outside running around perhaps... the last thing they want to do is something 'boring'.

Boring to them might be fun to you, but kids don't tend to find paintings interesting - blobs of paint all look the same and they may struggle to see what you find interesting in it whilst the tour guide prattles on with some pretentious waffle.

So the question is, what are you going to do when you want to visit a gallery?

Well if you take kids the key is that they have a short attention span, so try to keep it interesting.

For instance, no more than half an hour at a time in a section before a break. That could be visiting the shop, or perhaps going for a walk in the grounds before coming back in and looking at another part of the gallery.

By doing this you make it more bearable for the kids.

If you are visiting somewhere outdoors like an historical site they often have play areas for kids or sections just for children, so balance the day so they get to a bit of what they want to do and then you are both happier!

By: Stephanie

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