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What Is Networking

Career : Business Networking

Everyone thinks that they know what networking is, but how is it defined?

Here is a standard dictionary definition:
"Using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact. For example, a sales representative may ask a customer for names of others who may be interested in his product."

This is quite a good definition. Networking is not KNOWING people. It is USING the people you know to further your goals or aims. This may be passive or active. If you give your business card to a hundred people and leave it, two may come back to you with work. This is passive.

Active networking, which many of us think of, is actively keeping in touch with key people in the network - typically, influencers, and those who you think can help you with your business. This may be through telephone conversations or meeting up for lunch.

The key to networking is to make the most of your network to achieve your goals, without using them as purely a means to an end.

By: Job Expert

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