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When Are The General Election Results Announced?


This depends on how long the count takes, which generally start as soon as the poll closes.

All the ballot boxes are brought to a central place that is pre-determined and the count begins.

Volunteers (who may or may not be paid) then count the votes.

Depending on the number of counters, the size of the electorate in a region and the sheer logistics of getting all the ballot boxes back to the counting place, the time that is taken to count the votes will vary.

There are some smaller constituencies that traditionally declare early. The polls close on the Thuesday evening and counting starts generally straight away though in some it does wait to the following morning. Generally within several hours to a day or so the result is announced.

If there is a recount then of course this can delay the speed with which the result is announced as all the votes need to be counted again.

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