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Where To Have A Spa Break In England

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One thing England is getting better at is having a large range of luxury hotels and venues for treatments.

Largely due to the growth of people having pampering weekends as a bonding experience, a treat to spend their disposable income or just to look good, these places have had somewhat of a boom in recent years.

Also the preserve of the celeb and their latest partner, Simon Cowell has been known for instance to frequent some of these, presumably for treatments for himself as much as for anyone else.

The Four Seasons in Hampshire is one such place he is said to visit on occasion. There are great views of countryside there which is guaranteed to relax, and in addition there are many activities that you can enjoy whilst you are there.

There is a huge range of treatments on offer which all means that this is not for those who have no money, costing as it does around 470 for a couple for just one nights stay!

By: Fred

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