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How To Win The Lottery

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Winning the lottery: opinion is divided as to whether there is anything you can do to improve your chances of winning.

The debate centres around the following:

Is the draw really random each week?

If you think it is there is nothing you can do. However, it could be there is slight bias in the system.

Therefore it makes sense to look at the numbers that, statistically, have been drawn the most times in the past as there may be a very slight bias in the system to these numbers coming up.

After all the numbers are loaded in the same order and way each time, this may add a little certainty to the process, as it were.

Therefore pick always the six numbers that have been drawn the most times and you may therefore increase your chances of winning.

And if it really is random then, well, the numbers you pick are still therefore given as good a chance as any combination of six numbers as any other, so you can't lose!

By: Fred

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