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How To Write A Cheque

Money : Back To Basics

Firstly write in the date, any format is fine as long as it is legible. Use either todays date or a future one if its a post dated cheque.

Then you will need to add the name of the person or company who the cheque is for. This will say 'payable to'.

Write the amount owed to that person, in numerical digits, and then write the same amount but with words instead. After this you will need to add a straight line to fill the remaining space up.

Sign it in the lower right where the signature section should be. Add all the details to the stub so you have a copy for your records and wont forget what has been made.

Then check how much you will have left in your account, and make sure you dont go overdraft, it may bounce if theres not enough money in your account and the bank may charge you extra for this inconvienience, so be careful.

Shred and throw away any mistake cheques, or bank account details.

By: Danielle

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