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Philosophy is a fascinating subject - the name means the love of wisdom, from the Greek roots. And the love of wisdom is shared by any deep-thinking individual throughout the ages, from the ancient Greeks onwards to the present day.

Whilst it may seem irrelevant to the modern world, philosophy is going through something of a revival of late, with booming departments at lots of universities meaning it is no longer so much of a niche subject.

It teaches you the art of thinking, logic, examining arguments, thinking about the key questions such as 'how should I live my life?' - there is not much more important than that. Enjoy our philosophy articles that define words through to looking at specific categories such as ethics and metaphysics.

Philosophy Articles
Articles and short essays on philosophical topics

Philosophy Definitions
Definitions of words and topics often bandied about in philosophical parlance.

Thought Experiments
Some interesting philosophical thought experiments discussed...

Right and wrong, good and bad, applied ethics and more...

Discussions of a metaphysical nature...