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How to remove nail polish from skin

How do I get red nail polish off my 3 year old daughters skin??

Question From: Robin - Apr 16th 2005


Try using nail polish remover to remove nail polish - it is the best way to get it off.

As soon as it comes off wash skin immediately.

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

Did the nail polish remover work? My daughter left her nail polish down and my 1 yr old son got it all over himself and I need to know how to get it off him. He's got blue polish all over hands body and legs.

Reply From: AMY SMITH - Jun 6th 2008

Most nail polishes will come off of skin with nail polish removers, and will not harm or irritate the skin; But also you might want to check and see if your child is allergic to acetone or any other ingredients that are in nail polish remover..

and if you don't want to use nail polish remover you can always soak them in a WARM bath for 15-20 minutes then wash there bodies with body wash.. then once you dry them off the nail polish should peel off.

hope this helped =]
Happy Holidays.

Reply From: Jenna - Dec 19th 2008

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