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Travel Tips

There are all sorts of types of travel - from the student gap year to delay going to university and paying fees for another year, to the leisurely city break to the more adventurous tour around South America or Africa.

Whatever your interest in travel, there is sure to be information in this section of Tell Me How to interest you. If you are a nervous flyer, then check out the flying section - if you are looking for inspiration as to where to take your next foreign holiday, then why not read the destinations section and find out more about all sorts of interesting places to go around the world!
Some great ideas for holiday destinations...

Travel Tips
Advice on travelling and making the best of a long journey...

Buying Property And Moving Overseas
If you are looking for a second home abroad, or re-locating, these tips are for you!

Information and helpful advice on having a great flight...

Gap Years
Ideas and information for students thinking of having a gap year...