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How to solve anagram puzzles

Some people naturally seem able to solve and crack anagram puzzles much quicker than other people.

If you've ever played word games that involve creating anagrams, or for instance you've watched countdown, some people seem much better at finding the conundrum at speed compared to others.

So how can you go about solving anagram puzzles quickly?

There are some rules you can apply, and some techniques.

Often look for common endings such as an 'i' 'n' 'g' often means that there is an 'ing' word there so you can quickly scan for this.

Other possibilities include words ending with 'tion' and maybe tenses such as '-ed' words and so forth - always worth checking.

Another method commonly used is to break it down and list the word in alphabetical order, e.g. to turn food into 'd,f,o,o' - some people find this method easy.

Others prefer to split a word into consonants and vowels for solving, thus solving could become:
'i,o' and 'g,l,n,s,v'

This works well for some people who like to work out what combinations of vowels and consonants are possible or common and work out from there.

Another commmon technique is to write the letters out in the shape of a circle, again many find it easier to capture all this information visually at once in that format rather than written in a linear fashion.

The bottom line is to try all these techniques and see which one works best for you!

If you want lots of practice at cracking and solving anagrams, then try out the Anagram Finder Puzzles
Anagram Solving
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Last Updated: Nov 1st 2007

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Questions Dan has Answered:

Can you arrange the following letters to make a vegetable or a fruit ENTANGLER

Hi there An anagram from ENTANGIER is 'tangerine'.

Can you arrange the following letters to make a disney film VORIEL

The answer to that one is Oliver!

Anagrams of 2 British towns are parellhoot roomyetbr \\\\\\\\please can you tell me what they are Ronald dileas_sean@yahoo.com

Parellhoot roomyetbr Ok the first one is Hartlepool Not sure about the second one...

Its a scottish castle Anagram......nwiont

Have a look here and see if you can find it, good luck! http://www.castles.org/Chatelaine/list2.htm

Can u arrange the following letters to make a disney film ohrbterreba

Brother bear.

Solve the anagram foe to hut

Foe to hut... is that a wordladder surely rather than an anagram? If so, foe, hoe, hot, hut is one answer.

What is the anagram for adhere as sedition?

Sedition anagrams are editions and tineoids

Suasagpsandpash can you tell me this anagram

Sausages and mash it looks like, but maybe with typos!

A christmas word a pubs pie

Can't see an anagram here

Anagram for loslfussfie

Fossil fuels.



Need help here what the word for this WHENDEIL

This is New Delhi.

Can you solve this christmas anagrams? 1 Meet rich star 2 this scram dung dip 3 Sir hide leg Pantomine anagrams 1 Tapioka Honk Thank you

1) Christmas tree 2) Christmas pudding

I have a problem. i have tried numerous anagram solvers along with trying myself and cannot get this one. the letters involved are: itsndast and the 7th letter has to be N. just wondering if you can help

Can't see any English words that are an anagram of those eight letters, even using an online anagram tool that claims to be sourced from the whole OED! Maybe there is no answer...

Can you arrange the letters ALEERBONTIC to do with christmas


Aarcbsktis? I have filled in as follows but am now stuck: _A_K_T_I_S

The very unusual word backstairs would seem to be the answer!


Yes, this is Formula One.

Carpel bet peril. anagram of two 7 letter words to do with weather.

Can't see any weather words there!

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No photo yet British town from the anagram ROOMYETBR. The answer is TOBERMORY!
By: joolz41

Date of comment: Thu, Dec 3rd 2009

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