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Tips on solving kriss kross

Kriss Kross puzzles are a fun logic puzzle. Sometimes they contain numbers and are called number search, and sometimes they contain words, which may or may not be themed.

The words are split into the lengths of the word, e.g. 3 letter words, 4 letter words and so on.

The aim of the puzzle is to fit all the words into the grid, and there should only be one way that all the words fit together.

The larger the puzzle usually the more difficult the puzzle is to solve, and in addition there will be places where you are not sure which word to place.

The simplest tactic when solving kriss kross puzzles is to look for unique fitting words.

For instance, if there is only one ten letter word, then you can place it straight away in the grid. You then take this as far as you can until you reach a decision point - for instance the placing of a ten letter word may give you a couple more definite words to place.

If there are no definite words you can place or you get stuck, the next thing to do is to look for the lowest possible number of options. Invariably at any stage of a fair puzzle there should be one place where there is no more than two options to try, so now it is time to do some 'what if'.

If you get to a few more words placing fairly under your what if logic then that is probably the right word, but try another word as well in your head and see if it leads to contradictions - whereby you reach a place where there are no valid words that can fit in a certain place.

If it looks like either word can go in place for a few what ifs then the puzzle may have multiple solutions or be perhaps unfairly hard; either way if this happens try another place on the puzzle and see if you have more joy.

Invariably by working through logically and always taking time to find the places on the puzzles where you place words straight away, or the least possible options, you will be able to solve these fun and enjoyable puzzles in a reasonable time.

Note with numbers the logic is exactly the same, it just happens to be numbers that you are placing instead of words! Difficult puzzles with numbers are often easier to create.

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Kriss Kross Puzzles
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Questions Dan has Answered:

I have just finished school and am now really bored during the day sat at home while all of my friends are going in for their exams that are left. whilst sat at home i came across an old kriss-kross puzzles book which i have managed to complete in 23 hours - all 195 remaining puzzles! i have had no sleep as i have found them truely addictive!! i cannot find a new kriss-kross book at any of the supermarkets and would like for you to direct me to a place on the internet where i may be able to print vast amounts of them for free as i am having no luck and begining to have withdrawral symptons - please help me quickly thank you lucii xxx

Hi there Lucii, not sure of any places online where you can play that many kriss kross puzzles, however the good news is that there are loads of magazines in the shops that contain kriss kross puzzles including books that are nothing but this sort of puzzle, so it might be worth giving one of those a go!

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