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Solve the puzzle step by step...

A word ladder puzzle is a fun test of your knowledge of words!

The aim is to move from the top rung of the ladder and the word that is given to the bottom of the ladder.

The rule is that you can only change one letter in the word at each step of the ladder, often making it tricky to work out the solution to the puzzle!

This is what a word ladder puzzle looks like:

So with this example puzzle, the solution could look like the following:


Of course there are other possible solutions.

A good tip when solving a word ladder puzzle is to see whether the placement of the vowel(s) changes in the puzzle - in this instance it doesn't.

Moving the position of a vowel can be tricky as you often have several consonants together whilst moving the position of the vowel therefore it is a good strategy with word ladders to try to get the vowel(s) in the correct position as soon as possible.

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Word Ladders
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Last Updated: Aug 15th 2006

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Questions Dan has Answered:

Whats the answer for this word ladder Fire heat

How many steps are there in the ladder... not sure, however it looks there are four blank steps, so here is one solution... here goes: Fire ----- hire here hare hart ----- heat

How do you get from the word cold to the word snap please write back soon

Don't know!

I need a solution to a word ladder 6 steps rake leaf

Don't know this one!

Word ladder- change the second letter of each word to the left and the right . Two other words must be formed.Place the letter used in the empty section. When this has been completed for all the words another word can be read down . What is the word star - ants play- blow sack-wane acid- shut tear-arks ripe-vale goat- ions

C (scar - acts) R (pray - brow) I (sick - wine) M (amid - smut) S (tsar - asks) O (rope - vole) N (gnat - inns) So the answer is CRIMSON :)

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