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Acne: How To Stop It!

Beauty : Skincare

If you have acne or spots of any kind, then the first thing to remember is that you should not pop them. Whilst some people get some sort of strange satisfaction from popping their spots, overall it can do more harm than good.

The reason for this is that it can actually cause more spots, as the grease that you rub into your skin will cause more spots in that area, and you can even cause scarring to occur which can remain for a long time.

However, if you want to reduce the outbreak of spots that occurs on your skin, then you should consider avoiding certain products that contain grains of any sort - for instance cereals and bread. This seems to reduce the outbreak.

By: Stephen

More acne advice

On Ebay they are selling a great guide on how to improve your acne in 20 days. I bought it and the majority of the info. was very useful here is the link http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5652098853&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1

Hi evry1 i sufer frm spots i dontsuggest sudo creme cause it maks ur skin all broken. try tea tree oil and within three hrs u'll be grand good luck claire xxxooo

I wash ma face every night before i go to bed then i wash the soap off with cold a warter that seems to work quite well

Try tea tree oil its works so well use it in the bath and wash your face withit aswell as using your normal face wash dont be fooled by the shiny patches they go away in half an hour its truely worth it

Also try using a whitening toothpaste that does NOT include mint as an ingredient. Apply before bed ,after rinsing your face with cool water, in a thin layer over the specific zit. Works GREAT!!!!

Putting an ice pack on your spot for 10 minutes really compresses it and makes it easier to cover up.

I'm getting over some spots i had, but like 3 weeks ago all these like tiny little bumps started covering my forehead, they're not read and they don't have a head, and you can't see them that much, but under the sun you can totally tell, they're not like horrible but i'm getting sick of them, does anyone know hoe to get rid of them? i don't wanna pop them cause it'll leave scars.

For acne I agree you should never ever pick/pop the spot as it will make matters worse. I advise:

*Making fruit smoothies(eg. strawberries, bananas and raspberries but NO milk or ice cream) and vegetable juices (cucumber, beetroot, carrot and tomato is exceptionally good for your skin)

*Drinking 2 litres of water a day will flush away toxins in your body

*Following a GENTLE skincare regime will remove dirt and trapped oil, but be careful not to overdo it and cause more oil.

*Never touch your face with your hands, sleep on a fresh pillow case every night and clean the telephone headset every time before you use it with an anti-bacterial wipe.

*If you have spots around your hairline, it is cause by the oils in your hair getting trapped in your pores, take a cleansing wipe with you to work/school and cleanse your hairline (and face if you want too) to stop the oil clogging your pores!

*Go to your local GP to see if you have an allergy to wheat and/or dairy products.

Good luck guys! Please visit my profile and send me a message with specific questions about acne or other subjects.

I dont suffer from acne but at the odd time when i get it it is dredful.i would recomend washing ur face with warm water and a facail scrub then stand under ur shower with hot water then get cold water and it should go away within 2-4 hours

I used get acne and spots on a regular basis but after some trial and error i have found a way that can get the break out to spots and acne to a bare minimum, but it will take some will power to keep at it (trust me the results are great) firstly eat alot of fruit and drinks lots of water, i have natural oily skin but i find this helps keep the oil levels down. Secondly iwash my faace 2 or 3 times aday with sopa and clearasel ultra and thirdly i put abit of washing up liquid on my spots like suggested by another person on this site. Ive only used this way for a couple of days and ive found the results very very good :)

I think that toothpaste leaves marks on your skin after the spots have gone so I don't recommend using toothpaste on your face. I heard that lavender oil is good for scars left by spots-the whole tea tree thing doesn't really work that well for me. Sudo-crem is great to use at night, just slap it on all over your face + in the morning the redness will be gone from all your spots. But you are still left wit dry skin from it. Does anyone know any good treatment 4 dry skin, apart from loads of water??

XxxNiamh :)

Well, i've had acne since i was 10 (ish) and i tried everything under the sun (sudo creme, tea tree oil) but nothing worked.. I went to the GP about a year and a half ago and he prescribed me many different medications but still, nothing worked. I finally got a referral for a dermotologist a few months ago and i am due to start (ro)accutane in two weeks. Hopefully it will work!
I just want to say to all the other girls out there that i know its difficult when you see all your friends with perfectly clear skin but if you persist,m you WILL get rid of them!..I have to think positive because this is the last treatment i can get without going for laser treatment.
If your skin really is bad (and im not just talking about the odd spot) then go and see your GP! It's nothing to be embarrassed about! Even though the treatments didn't work for me it doesn't mean that they cant work for you. If you try, you can beat it!

Anyways good luck! x


drink one pint of water before you to bed.

steam your face.

avoid touching skin

moisturize skin using creams


Argh where do I start?! I'm 14 and I've had spots for about...2 years now!! When I first got them, it was ONLY on my forehead area..the rest was flawless! Then, over the summer, they seemed to fade, I was delighted. Even though they were at least 50 % better, they started to spread around. I didn't get them on my forhead, but on my cheeks instead. About 3 months ago now, I got clinique face wash, toner and moisteriser! That worked!! Ok, they definitly didnt go, but it was 100 percent better. Sadly, I think my skin has become ammune to it :( ....... Im currently on the pill to try and calm down the hormones, i tend to get reeli greasy skin. Its awful!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it. I've been reading all the suggestions.....................So confusing though, because one person ses Oh my god that reeli works...n then the next one says it made them break out. I know people have different skin types but I really dont fancy risking it! haha please come up with something soon!! xx

I don't usually get spots but when I do it's really bad I find that if u wash ur face with hot water and soap (I mean really hot water! this opens ur pours and cleans them) and then straight away wash ur face with soap and freezing cold water (this closes ur pours and stops dirt from getting back in) and then just dry your face with a clean towel.

I have used all the creams oils... etc, but they will NOT go away.
I hope i don't have to wait a few year but in 2-3 year, but could they just eventually go away

Hey i hope this has sent it my first time! any how if you have dry to normal skin and it suffers from spots you should go to boots its best to get a hydrating make up cleaner a really good one is 'the sanctuary hydrating cleanser' this is the best one i've used then you should use a face scrub called 'smooth operator strawberry face scrub' these are vert gentle products and for a moisturiser i think 'Botanics day shift moisture lotion' is wicked all these do work as i use them and they can all be bought from boots plus it takes about a week to see how good they are i hope this helps good luck!

I suffer from really bad spots - i have been for almost 1 year now. Ive tried all the clearasil stuff which doesnt work for me , so i have started to clense,tone and moisturise my face every morning and night. Its cleared my skin a bit, give it a try!

I have clear skin most of the time and get the occaisonal break out. But dont worry if this happens to you.
* dont pile on conceler as it is greasy and makes spots worse-just use a little bit to cover the spot.
* use hot then cold water to clear your pores
*take off make up as soon as you get home to help stop greasyness
*dont worry about eating chocolate it dosent make any difference - just makes u fat =]
* SMILE! If you look happy no one notices your spots-look sad and everyone comes up to you and peers into ur face to ask whats wrong not good with a face ful of sopts. lol xD

Feel good about yourself and look after your skin! =P

Im 13 And I Always Have Odd Spots.. My Skin Was Spot Free But Then Ive Recently Got About 5 Spots On My Chin Ive Been Putting Cream On And It Doesnt Do Anything. I Also Wash My Face And Nothing Seems To Be Happening. What Do I Do?!

Using vinegar on cotton wool pads really worked for me but i also washed my faced mornin and night wiv salt water! it really worked for me, had clear skin in less than a week and i feel great!

Don't eat too much junk food it is full of grease which just transfers straight to your skin yuck!

Hey people this is what i do to get rid of spots
1.get a gud nights sleep
2.have a shower every morning
3.wash your skin with a cream e.g. pan oxyl you can get hold of this by goin 2 da doctors it really works.
4.drink lots of water and veg and fruit
5.Dont smoke (did u no that women hu smoke have more chance of getting acne
6.Dont keep touching your spots.
7.get lots of fresh air
8.cleanse tone and moustirise your skin ( you should stop using tomer when you get to about 30)
9. And be confident u are hu u ar
1 of u peeps rote that peeps tease u cause if ur spots im 13 and i gt bulluied cause of it 2.My tip is look at them no 1s perfect.

Peeps peeps peeps i no whats its like when u are SPOTTY ITS HORRID y dnt u look around for recipes 2 make face masks n stuff i dnt use tooth paste on my spots but i fink nail polish reover works if u dab it on a cotton wool bud and then ur face.But b carefull u dnt breath 2 much in though lol cause its not gud 4 u hope ive helped keep trying 2 gt tht perfecto skin hope ive helped
feel sorry 4 u all :0) beth :o

Hello im 14 years old, and i have the WORST acne eva, ive tryed clean and clear,toothpaste and clearasil and none of them worked. But then i found the right thing and its FREE!!!
all u ave 2 do is drink WATER, about 4-5 glasses a day and u will see in a weeks times ur skin will be sooo much clearer!!! i hope my advice helped u. GOOD LUCK XXX

Heyy ppl ive onstly tried everything unda the sun 4 mi skin but just recently(yesterday) i tried the hot water cold water thing my face turned the colour of a tomarto but afta 1\2 an hour it went down and i woke uo nxt mornin my spots had dried up they looked miles beta but when i read i cant were make up cause it clogs up pores i was literly cryin no make up but it will all be worth it + try this if you have quite ily skin lke me
*get some simple foing face wash(no perfume)add some salt then wash face wih quite hot water then streight afa cold water. then i patted my face down to dry it then i got a tee tree wipes and wiped my face down with tht then i used clerasel 3 day ceam youll wake up the nxt morning with your spotts dried up and they wouldve shrank plus i also woke up with baby soft skin hope ive help plz tell me if i have helped XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

Help !

i have spots and my friends have suggested sudocream i havent tried it yet but im thinking has anyone got any other suggestions for this ! it is really getting me down at the moment ! please help. thanks x

I have really big pores so i am constantly looking after my skin 0 cleanse, tone, mosturise! I rarely break out and when i do i get a few little ones, i find that sudo cream works for ONLY redness when the spot is going down! to get rid of the spot i use neutrogena treatment gel and its mazin if u got oily skin.

I have generally okay skin but i get the occasional horrible spot! I have tried sudocrem, toothpaste, clearisil and more but none have worked. I am going to try the hot water thing today and hopefully it will clear up my spots!

I just held an icepack on the spot for 10 minutes, and It hasn't fully gone yet, but its gone down loads.
I recommend this.
Works a treat! :)

I have really bad acne and ive found out a product called glycerin is supposed to help but it was making my acne even worse so i found a glycerin free product and it made it so much better

I think if you yous teatree oil it works a tret

Hey to help anyone i find clean&clear a pretty good brand for spots i use it and it keeps them under control!! but can any1 help me i use alot of skincare products but on my forehead i have VERY dry skin and i cant get rid of it!! does any1 know a sensitive skincare product to stop spots?!?! PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!

I'm 19 now and i've had spots since i was abou 12; there's not been one day during that time when my skin has been completely spot free and it's really starting to depress me. Over the last year, there has been a noticable difference in my skin which i hope is me getting older and growing out of it but i still get regular breakouts (usually just before time of the month) and right now it's particularly bad. I have a small cluster of spots all together on one side of my chin and two of them are HUGE, really red and really sore - i feel like everyone is staring at them today and it's really getting to me. In the past i've tried every spot cream available to buy; some are good at first but my skin has soon got immune to them all. Toothpaste does work well to dry them out but only if you don't use it regularly as again, you get immune quickly (be prepared though, it can sting lots!) Tea tree oil has never really worked at all for me and the amount of chocolate i eat has never made a differnce.
I also went on antibiotics form teh doctors for a year for my spots and afterwards tried a contraceptive pill that also has affects against acne - both made an improvement to my spots but cauused bad side affects such as headaches and mood swings so i had to come off them.

The best treatments i have found are:

1) Drink lots of water, stick with it and you can really notice a difference
2) Only ever pop the spot if you have cleanser and some type of spot cream to put on it afterwards to clean it and always wash your hands before and after to stop spreading spots elsewhere - also, put a small piece of tissue paper over it afterwards to stop the juice that comes out turning into another whitehead.
3) The best thing so far that i have found top put on my spots is Savlon cream; a large amount smeared over the spot and left on over night does dry it out well and will make it look less reda nd slightly smaller but it has never completely got rid of a spot justovernight for me.
4) Most of all, take off your make-up completely everyday, never go to sleep in it; wash your face well and use a suitable face mask once a week to thoroughly clean out your skin.

Thanks for the advice on here about washing with cold water and then hot water, i'm going to give that a try tonight! Also, i know you shouldn't wear make-up as it makes the spots worse but it's easier to say than do - i just don't have the confidence to go out sometimes without make-up when my spots are really bad; i know that sounds sad and maybe a little shallow but they can just make you feel so rubbish about yourself. If you feel you have to cover them up i would suggest buying foundation that is specifically for oily skin and don't just buy a cheap one, better quality will be better for your skin. Also, only use a thin layer as piling the make-up on can sometimes just make the spot look even uglier, especially if it has a head.

I use freederm
I have used it for some time and think yes, it is really good because when a spot come it goes straight away ,
but it does not stop them from re-appearing
almost as soon as it is gone it comes back!

Hi all
just a quick tip....dont use normal body moisurisers on your face unless stated. These are normally very oily to help nourish ur more dryer and harder skin. Theses oils are too much on the face which is more sensitive. Buy one moisturiser for legs, arms etc and a seperate face and neck moisturiser. I didnt realise at first but now i stick to olay and my skins soft and far less greasey/spotty

Okay, so i'm training to be a beauty therapist and i hope i can help you all...

Firstly using cleansers, toners and moistureiser only cleans out the imprities in your skin. You still get spots, so this does not help although it does help with the overall appearance.

women UNDER 30 should not wear foundation, it clogs the pores and infects. which again causes spots. go for the tinted moisturiser, this will allow your skin to breathe.

also spots can be caused from diet, smoking, drinking, age, and sleep.

you can try anything from nail polish remover to toothpaste to sudocream it depends on your skin type. do not put anything too strong or a non aniseptic on your face, this will just feed the spot which will cause it to get bigger.

also, to maintain your skin after the spots are gone use cleanser toner and moisturiser yourspots wont come back. what also helps is using a SPF EVERYDAY, wehter its sunny or not, the sun will cause pre-mature aging and damage capillaries, which i think you'll agree is not a good look.

I hope i helped abit.
Much love and good luck :)


Well iv'e used cleariseal witch i did not think was all that useful my skin just went saw for a couple of hours but people are different it mite work for you. if you have spots on your forhead then pin your hair back and let the air get to it ,drink plenty of water,dont use foundation all the time only for odd ocastions,wash morning and nite with cold and hot water
sorry if you dont find my tips useful but im only trying to help
tiny.x GOOD LUCK

Is Tea Tree oil good for your skin? I have heard it can dry it out?

I started to drink alot more water than I usually did before and rubbed sudocrem on my face every night, after a couple of days my spots are alomst gone which is why I recomend water as the sudocrem didn't work on its own before .

even i suffer from it. believe me just dont worry and do what u like. people will love u even in the case of worst breakout if they r true.
but washing ur face 3rice a day helps. and toning.
try aloe vera gel on ur acne(works for me)

Hiyaa (:
My sister suffers from spots and i get the odd one, so my mum went to the doctors and got a really good spot cream called "Duac"
Get your mum to go if your embarassed.
Also use "T - Zone Oil Control Face Wash with hot water" As spots are caused by oil in the pores.
Also drink a bottle of water before bed (:
Hope it helps, it did for me.

i am suffering from really bad spots that are turning into achne at the moment, but i have gone on a sugar-free diet which is: All i drink is water (which is also good for my brace), I dont eat, coco-pops, fizzy drinks, pop-tarts, chocolate and sweets. I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables which actually has helped. I also use Aveda blemish releif pads, that is just a little pad which you rub on your skin, i also use aveda forming facial wash, aveda lotion spray and aveda spot cream. As you can tell i like aveda and it is helping my spots already! So i would recommend Aveda things, They are expensive but worth it! You can get Aveda products from Boots, House of frazer etc...
The toothpaste thing doesn't work,
and the Washing face with Hot then cold water doesn't work and using products like sudocreme drys the surface of the skin not just the spot and tends to break the skins (which means crumbles the skin) It has worked for me, i hope it works for you x x

Hello ,
I'm 12 and have very bad acne , it started in a corner on my forehead then it just spreaed all over my face , for some reason when i went swimming one day , all of my spots cleared up , but also it was the summer holidays which helps becuase stress of achool also starst the out breaks , i wouldnt recommend toothpaste becuase i put it on one night and when i woke up , the spots were cherry red and looked worse than they already did , but also using clearasil ultra works .

hey sorry for the whole capitals but I want over peeps to be as happy with their skin as I am beggginign to be with mine. I used to use freederm... it's great...BUT..it looses effienciency after a while, although it clears up abour 3/4 of your spots (well it did for me) then I tried all sorts od crazy stuff, like a homemade toothpaste face wash and steaming peppermint and putting it on my face. I have now found clean and clear advantage thing. I use the wassh and gel twice aday it's not too expensive and it has salycilic acid in it ( it's what clinique uses) because other stuff such as nicotinamide (freederm) isn't very strong and leaves your skin V. dry (even if u mostuirise) and benozyl peroxide is proven to be harmful YES BENOZYL PEROXIDE IS RUBBISH! do you really want to putr peroxide on your FACE??? anyway salycilic acid is strong enough to kill germs and it doesn;t cause you harm or make your skin go wierd, hope it helped may xxxxxxxx

I've never ever suffered with ance bad really just the odd spot here and there.. the past few weeks ive got them all around my chin and mouth. Its seriously making me depressed, i cant even leave the house. :( Plus my skin is normally dry and recently its oily... grr... some good answers on here (Y) might try some lol x

P.S. Oxy10 doesnt work, its sucks lol

Hi im 13 and i suffer from spots aswell mainly a teenage thing. i dont have major acne but i do have frequent outbreaks , i have tried everything from toothpaste to clearasil , tea tree oil , witch hazel , you name it i have tried it , please help me get rid of spots because it looks dreadful and i want to wear make-up and it to look nice , please please help because they are really getting me down :(
thanks x

Ok, I have had spots ( like everyone else) since about Year 7. At first they were on and off - just some blackheads and a couple of spots. I decided I would just leave them be and they'd be fine.
However, now I'm a bit older, they're there all the time. Only on my forehead and chin but they are still quite noticeable and I hate them so much!!!!
What I've found works is this:
1. Don't be cheap when buying make up!!! If you don't want to spend loads, invest in one really good product from a good brand, like Benefit. The cheaper products that are available tend to have lots more chemicals that can harm the skin in them.
2. Do the same with skin care. Invest in the good stuff as it is more likely to be right for your skin. If the cheap stuff works, great, but its best to be careful.
3. Drink water!!!!! Just replace your other drinks with water for a couple of weeks and you really will see the difference.
4. Herbal teas like camomile, green and peppermint are great. not only do they flush out your system, they also reduce stress which is known to be a factor that leads to spots.
5. After exercising, wash your face with hot water and a facial soap, then rinse with cold water. Tis gets rid of any sweat or excess oil on your face, so you're less likely to develop a spot. There's nothing worse than doing a work out that you think will help and then getting a spot the day after wards.
6. Moisturize!!!! Loads of people think that moisturizing will give you more spots because the cream will clog up your skin - NOT TRUE!! In fact, the drier your skin is, the more likely you are to develop spots. This is because when your skin is dry, your body produces more oil that then clogs up your pores. Buy one that is oil free - you want to get a balance for your skin, so there's not too much oil and it's not too dry.
7. Cucumber, mint, green veg etc are really good for skin. Try and include more in your diet.
8. DON"T PICK OR SQUEEZE YOUR SPOTS!!!! Unless they have a big white thing on the top that looks like it could be burst any second, they are not ready to be popped. DON"T. It'll make it worse.
9. This sounds silly, but if you have scars from spots, try Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Just rub it completely into the scar (you only need a little and it needs to be rubbed in properly) morning and evening and the scar with fade over time. It's not something that works instantly, but given time, your scars will fade.
10. Try and forget about them. Chances are that if you have spots earlier, they will have cleared by later. They shouldn't affect you so much. it's much better for your health if you worry less about things. if you're healthier then it'll be easier to get rid of spots.

Hope this helped. Hang in there....

Heey :). just wondering, what does everyone find best? i use this clearisil daily facial wash.. i do wear foundation, but make sure its all off. sometimes i use toothpaste and sudeocrem. its good ti hear everyone elses opinions :D. xx

If you get really bad acne and it's consistent then go to your doctor, they should be able to prescribe you with a cream which works really well so long as you remember to use it everyday.

I would recomend sudo-crem, it really works, or why dont you tey savalon mixed with a bit of sudo-crem in it, put it on over night and then your spot will be reduced in sixe and redness when you wake up in the morning : )

I found some skincare advise on the net that helped me, hope it helps you too :D
Facial Care:
• Use products that won’t cause any skin irritation or clog up pores.
• If possible try to change the facials you use often, that way your skin won’t get “immune” to that certain product.
• If the facial you use is drying your skin, try using something milder or use moisturizer. Some moisturizers aren’t meant for face though so choose carefully.
• Drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated, this way you get fewer breakouts.
• Avoid using your fingers to apply makeup. It's best to use GOOD quality brushes, but you should clean them each time you finish applying make up to remove dirt, oil and makeup build-up. Not only does this cut bacteria, but it also makes your makeup apply better if your brush is clean.
• If you are too lazy to wash off the make up, use some pre-moistened cleansing cloths by your bed. They come in containers like wet wipes, but are designed for your face.
• There are all kinds of cleansing cloths but you should choose one that is suitable for your skin.
Wash your pillows and sheets regularly, especially if you don't always shower or remove your makeup before bed. Your hair and skin leaves oil, dirt, sweat and bacteria on your pillows or bed sheets every time you go to bed.
• Look for lotions or gels containing benzyl peroxide in any drug store.

I sufferED from really bad acne and tried countless products on the market and antibiotics. I now use this pruduct brand called REVERSION. My local Gp recomended it for me, it is pricey but honestly, if your skin is bad enough to complain, you may aswell do something about it. The only downside is it does dry out the skin, so a moisteriser and application just once daily would be suitable in this case. I use Loreal Paris Men expert pure and matte, it prevents excess sebum giving me best results. Highly recommeded products.

I would say that for me the best way to get rid of ALL spots is to use dettol
I mix 2 cap fulls to one basin of water that is WARM,NOT HOT.
This for me works a treat and gets rid of them in about 3-5 days
and i do mean ALL of them
however if you mix into a bath then use 4-5 cap fulls

I tried Tea Tree Oil and it hasn't done much for me, Been using it since December. Going to Wilko's tomorrow and picking up a variety of products to get rid of spots, black heads and to stop both of them coming back, though I'm in my teens.

P.S I wouldn't advise to use toothpaste as it give me a few more spots but using top named brands such as Witch Hazel should be go if you use the right treatment. You should drink a generous amount of water and if your going to eat chocolate make sure its dark. Eat fruit and veg to restore vitamins and you should be as good as gold. TCP May not work on some because your skin type maybe 3 or 4, if you have skin type 1 or 2 then you may get a mild or severe rash around areas you placed it and if you do use it make sure your hands aren't greasy.

Using too much creams can often make your skin worse.
-drink plenty of water.
i use tea tree oil which can be bought in shops, but only use small amounts in a sink of water because your skin can become irritated and sore.
try eating less sugary foods ans see if your skin looks clearer.

This is my second post on this page, but I'm still trying to find out what works for me, anbd trying to help out other people...
well, so i tried freederm.... wasn't that great, then clean and clear (worked really well for the first few months, but after that there was no improvement at all), then I got soem clinique stuff (but it's not the specific 'anti-blemish' stuff, it's the 3 step system) it's quite expensive when you first buy everything, but it reduces how much oils your skin produces so your skin is less shiny, tbh, it didn;t clear up my skin any better than anythign else, but at least it didn;t dry it out so much as clean and clear and freederm. Then, for reasons other than my skin, I went on the pill ( 'cause basically, I think my skin would have to be a LOT worse before i went on the pill for that) and I didn't really see that much improvement within the first two months, but then I started using sudocrem as well... it is absoulutely AMAZING. Lots of people have said that it dries out your skin... well, it dries out spots, not the actual skin surrounding it, because it's anticbacterial so it kills the bacteria in the spot and that's what makes it dry up, also instead of having each spot on your entire face go one by one really slowly, it reduces the size of all of your spots, olus its really cheap and good for your skin in genreal (I mean if you can use it on babies for nappy rash then it's obviously quite genle) I still don't have perfect skin, but you can only see small bumps (blackheads) right under the sun and everyday after applying a moderatley thick layerf of sudocrem overnight I can see the difference, and just a quick word of advice about make up... obviously try and get noncomedogenic products but the thignn that matters most is takign it off properly, even the nonacnegenic stuff will clog your pores is you sleep in it and you can avoid clogging pores with normal stuff if you just take it off,
hope it's been a help to someone else liek me

Ok ok im 15 and have acne, and OMG its deppressing, seriously!? they get you down so much! my skin is pretty bad, first of all when i was about 12 or 13 i started to get acne on my forehead (it wasnt that bad, but i thought it was)i then got an antibiotic which completeley cleared my skin for about 2 years, i was delighted and thought they were never coming back, but unfortunatley i was very wrong, my acne came back but not as suttle, infect very very worse & its weird because it didnt come back on my forehead anywhere all on my cheeks, which let me tell you is even WORSE as people can see it :( i have tried SO many things to help me out! nothing seems to work i have been given 5 anitbiotics - i even went back to the 1 i had the very 1st time to try and clear it again (this wasnt happening) but so far none of them seemed to help! i tryd germalene-DOESNT WORK! it makes your skin greasier if anything, it doesnt make the acne worse but it doesnt make it any better! i am now on the contraceptive pill which was supposed to help (as it does for nearly anyone that takes it) sadly it hasnt helped me one single bit, ive acctually noticed my skin getting worse on it, which is very unusual,- i would recommend the pill for girls with bad acne though as it does nearly cure acne very well within less than a month (BEWARE: the pill i am using is called yasmin, it has made me suffer very badly from deppression and breathing diffuculties at night, its risky but i would give it a go) i put sudocrem on my skin at nights, i dont really see much of a different in the morning - no worse no better! if your a teenage girl like me and you wear LIQUID foundation, that may be your biggest problem, it really makes your skin worse, you need to try and not wear ANY foundation as it only irratates your skin and makes it worse, (this it NOT what you want!) try not to put anything on your skin , maybe just some mascara on your eyes so you wont feel as bad, fair enough deffinetley easier said than done, but i really recommend it! it helped me, also drink LOTS & LOTS of water, it helps big time, but i think if your skin is really bad, then your best bet is to go on to Roaccutane which is extremely effective at preventing acne because it shuts down oil production before it reaches the skin's surface. However, it has significant side effects and is only used for extreme cases. my brother had very bad (and when i say very bad i mean VERY bad!) acne and went on this and he is completely clear! i am going to go in it in the next 3 months as you need to be on the pill for 3 months to go on it, it is a very exspensive drug but its worth it! also few more tips: try teatree oil, dabbing a bit on the spots stops them coming up! try facials at beauticians - it helps! and sudocreme isnt too bad either, another 1 is vaseline, ONLY A TINY BIT!
hope this helped, i no how upsetting it is! :(

I have spots which just dont go away especially on the lower half of my face(my cheeks, chin, and around my mouth) Iv tried everything, every scrub, wash, cream, oil, mask and home remedys but nothing has really cleared my face up so Iv switched to being natural and try never to use harsh chemicals on my face, the best spot cure out there is simply washing your face with clean water around 3 or 4 times a day,and try to stick to foundations for sensitive and young skin such as natural collection or 2True. In the morning I dip a cotton bud into my face washes that I no longer want to use, dab the face wash onto each spot and leave it on. At night I dab sudocrem onto the infected area and by the next day the spots have dried out and some fall right off. But never use Products for too long as your skin eventually becomes ammune to the chemicals and ingrediants in that product, so if you arent noticing a difference in your skin after using a certian product for around a month or two try a different product and see how it goes but I highly recommend water, its the cure for anything (: x

WATER DOES NOT GET RID OF SPOTS, but it will improve the time it takes them to go down, make your skin look more healthy, less grey and more luminous.
I have had spots and blackheads for the last 3 years, since working at Superdrug I have discovered how to look after my skin, what works and what does'nt.
Try taking vitamin d tablets, about £2 for 1 months worth from superdrug and clear complexion tablets, about £3 and you can get them in asda.
For foundation use powder to absorb oil or rimmel's stay matte liquid foundation ( £6)it contains cotton extract wich absorbs oil. Also for concealer use witch cover up stick, from superdrug £4.
If you have consistanly greasy skin try using matifying tissues, which absorb the oil but won't take off your make up.
Clearasil does'nt work or freederm. The key to spots is to stop them internaly through tablets.
Use a light cleanser, such as garnier's natural range and gentle moisturizers like simples range for sensitive skin and a scrub once a week. I recomend the garnier grape water range.
If the doctor gives you a "topical solution" don't use it they tend to dry up you skin, so that spots take even longer to revcover, also they make you look shiny !
Rules are, if it's yellow pop it
if it's red don't
pizza is bad
mood swings and stress make it worse
don't use oil based foundations
if you have scabs use superdrugs cold sore and lip moistureizer treatment (£1) as it has a very high moisture level, use it just on scabs tho for quick overnight healing.

Hi, I'm 13 i have the odd spot here and there, and It's so annoying. Usally when one comes, they all start to come! My advice is, don't use crappy cheap stuff. It only makes them worse, and then the more advanced stuff dries up your skin, so i just advice to drink asleast 1&half litres of water each day, and try to avoid those fatty foods. The treatment i used was clearasil ultra. Its usally pretty good. Don't use oxy 5,clean&clear-its such a pure rip off and all that stuff. Just stick to the basics, wash 3times a day,-clearasil deep pore daily wash is very good aswell.Also just keep clean, and eat healthily. clearasil worked wonders for me, when ever i have breakouts i always use it, and its gone within 4hours-as says on tube- does exactly what it says on the tub. Hope i helped:)!

Well if you are about 11-16 then you may be having problems with spots and acne etc.. this is because at this stage, your skin will be producing more oil and oil on the skin can block pores and then cause your skin to break out and cause spots. so washing your face is quite important so mabey cleanse your face atlease twice a day .But there are lots of different treatments for it but only some will help. Some may be harmfull and irrretate your skin, but what you can use, that wont hurt you skin is something called witch hazel, it smooths out inperfections and spots without irretating your skin!:) you can purcase with hazel from chemists, boots or order it online. hope it helps!!! :D

I have suffered from acne since my teens and have two tips that REALLY help.

1) ONLY use glycerine soaps on your skin. The non-glycerine soaps contain horrible chemicals that irritate acne and cause more outbreaks. I use "Pears" soap....relatively cheap and lathers up well in the shower on one of those nylon "scrunchy" things. Try this for a week. I'm almost certain it will help considerably.

2) I discovered that there is a hand rub for sale called "Softalind Pure". It's dirt cheap at 75p for a big bottle ( online.)
you see it in hospitals....it's the green plastic dispenser as you enter the wards. I experimented with it .....Squirt some on a bit of cotton wool and use it to cleanse your skin. You'll be amazed at the crap that it gets out of your pores. It's alcohol based and not only degreases your skin, but disinfects it too. Your skin will be squeaky clean after with no residue or smell. I buy 20 bottles at a time for £15 and that lasts for over a year. If you have itching from your acne...(I get it on my back after sweating), this stuff stops tge itch and calms the skin immediately. Daily use on the affected area will (almost) make your spots disappear.
Anyone with questions is welcome to email me directly at Paul_Devere@hotmail.com

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