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How To Add Links To Your Webpage

Computing : Internet

When you build your webpage, you may need to link to other websites, or pages internally. To do this, you simply need the following construction: < a href="link.html" >Text that appears on the page < /a >


By: Thomas Powell on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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If you're linking to another person's or company's site, it might be a good idea to launch that site in a new browser (thus keeping your site on the screen as well). You accomplish that objective by adding this code after the "link.html": target="_blank"

If you're looking to create links that point to pages within your own site, don't use the target="_blank" in your code. You can find free button navigation images to enhance links that point to your own pages. Some sets may be found at http://www.freewebsitebuttons.com
If you use images for your links, you attach them by adding this code between your anchor (<a href...></a>) tags: <img src="image_name.jpg" border="0" alt="the_name_of_the_image"

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