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How To Make Money From Your Podcast

Computing : Podcasting

There are two separate ways to make money from your podcast.

The first method is to drive lots of traffic to your podcast - which you do by excellent marketing and then having a great, compelling message to deliver when people reach the site.

Then add affiliate adverts to the site and get a proportion of income as your visitors click on the adverts, when you have high traffic this will cover your costs.

Alternatively, you can introduce paid for content. If you are offering great content that you think people might pay for, then you can charge for the podcast. Simply sign up with paypal or nochex and charge people for download.

The acid test is "if this were a book, would I be prepared to pay for the content?" if the answer is no then there is no point trying to sell the podcast.

Best way is to get a loyal audience base first and offer some samples, then try to sell the podcasts from there.

By: Stephen

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