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All Year Round Gardening Tips!

Gardening : Gardens

Don't use chemicals when it is windy, wait for when it is dry and still, otherwise you could cause injury.

When using noisy equipment, always use ear defenders.

Always wear sturdy shoes/boots when gardening.

Some chemicals burn the skins, always wear a mask, goggles and overalls when dealing with chemicals.

Be careful when using ladders on the ground, the ground could be soft and it could slip, always make sure someone else is around to hold the ladder at the base. Have the ladder at 75 degrees.

When using power tools, wear close fitted clothes or overalls, along with goggles and sturdy footwear.

Use a residual circuit breaker when using electrical tools. This will cut out power if a cable is cut or there is a fault.

When using small but expensive seeds like Pansy's, it is a good idea to mix a packer of the seeds with silver sand or wallpaper paste before sowing them into a seed tray or pot. This provides better
distribution and makes it easier to take out seedlings. You will be able to see where you have sown.

If you have a pond make sure it is safe for children if there is any.

When laying paving next to grass in the garden, ensure it is below soul level to avoid catching the lawn mower blades in future.

When watering plants in borders, make sure that you give them enough water, if you give them too little it will encourage the roots to grow closer to the surface of the soil, this will mean the plant will be less drought tolerant, and may get damaged by weather.

By: Jade

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