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How To Kill Weeds

Gardening : Gardens

Kill weeds in your lawn - without getting rid of the grass at the same time (sound horribly familiar?) Many people get a bit over zealous and trigger happy with the pesticides, killing off everything within a mile radius of offending weeds. Not good is it? No!

Kill weeds the organic and safe way

Solution: apply a mere teaspoonful of salt individually to a weed such as dandelion can kill it. If not, increase the dosage and as a last resort you may have to use other methods such as pesticides. But in general this can be avoided.

By: Terrence Johnson on Sat, Jun 22nd 2002

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Use white vinegar: full strength in a garden sprayer but only weeds not sure if it will kill the grass. Have also used gas in garden sprayer work's in about three day do both the above when no rain is expected give it a try.

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