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How To Analyse A Crossword Clue

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In more cryptic crosswords, the clue should never be taken at face value.

For instance, if you see a '?' then all is not as it seems - there is either some jokey part about the clue or similar.

If you see words such as in trouble, agitated, stirred, mixed, drunk - then it normally means that part of an answer is an anagram.

Similarly, 'around' or 'in' tend to show there is one word around or inside another word.

Clues ending in 'say' mean that you often have to read the clue aloud to see what it could sound like, rather than what it looks like on paper.

If a clue is clumsily worded, it's probably because they are trying to fit in an anagram!

Also note that there should always be one part of a clue that gives the overall answer, then often another part or parts that join together to explain that answer.

By: Stephen

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