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How To Apply Foundation

Beauty : Cosmetics

Foundation: choosing the right shade of foundation is hard on your own, so go to a cosmetics counter and seek professional advice. They will let you try out a range of colours and advise on which suits your skin tone best. One thing to bear in mind is that if you have only light freckles, there is no point in trying to cover them up with a darker shade - it will not work! It is better to stick to a sheer foundation. If they are very dark and you want to cover them up a little, a cream foundation will balance your skin tones.

Applying Foundation Correctly

To apply foundation, firstly dot some on your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Using a small cosmetic sponge dampened with a little water, blend in to your face, paying particular attention to your hairline and jawline, as these are the areas where it is easy to spot foundation that has not been blended properly. You also want to avoid the orange face, white neck effect, so make sure it is blended into your skin evenly.

After this, gently press the tips of your fingers over your face - the heat will help the blending process. Finally, check your application in natural lighting, as this will show up any problem areas best.

Setting Foudation

You might like to try patting a little face powder over it to help it set.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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I read this thinking i was doing it wrong...but i do the exact thing it says!!.

Hey thnx 4 ur tips! no longer do i ave the bg orange streaks! lol dey wer embarrasin!.

Does anyone know how to stop the look u get on your nose where it shows all the pores underneath? Also, should u let it dry before putting on powder?

If you're using powder dont use too much or it'll cake your face and show off any lines you might have. I prefer to use a brush and the trick is to tap it before applying to remove excess powder.
Also, use gentle strokes - if you apply the powder too hard you might rub away bits of the foundation and end up looking blotchy.

I wear foundation every day.But i always get it off b4 i go to bed.Will it make my skin look bad when im older because i wear it constantly.

Step 1> Squeeze a small bit of your foundation onto your hand.

Step 2> Put small dots on your nose, cheeks,forehead and chin.

Step 3> Get a slightly damp pad and rub it around your face to mix in the foundation.

Step 4> If any spots, or red marks still show put on some concealer ontop of the foundation

Usually wen i apply foundation it comes off during the day any tips for it to last longer and stay on *i use matte mousse*

Hey girlos i wear fondation everyday but take it off every nigh i think if u look after your skin it wont effect your skin as much wen your older i apply my fondation & concealer wit moisteriser as it helps to make it look more natural x

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- Thu, Apr 20th 2006
when using a concealer do you apply before or after the foundation? TIA...
- Tue, Mar 1st 2005

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