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How To Avoid Hangovers

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When it comes to hangovers most adults of drinking age know how they feel, and that they aren't pleasant.

The best way to not have a hangover of course is not to drink a sufficient amount.

However you can also be sensible in what you drink to make it less likely. Pace your drinks out and also the key is to try to match the amount of alcohol you have with the same amount of water.

This is because alcohol dehydrates you and also leads to the loss of vitamins and minerals in your body too.

Therefore be sure to also have some vitamin C before going to bed and also another couple of glasses of water.

These together should reduce the impact of a hangover the following day!

By: Stephen

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Doc says:
So today you feel, like your wearing a street light, pole an all.

You can't just lie there all day, as lifeless as a worm in a Tequilla bottle.

Get Out O f Bed.
Grab that gatorade bottle. No you're not going to run a marathon. Just going to get some relief. It will help replace potassium, sodium, and water.
Part of the problem of being hung over, is you're dehydrated. This beverage and other sport drinks will replace the essential fluids you lost while drinking.

Hit the honey.
Spread honey on bread or crackers. Or any other food high in fructose. This is a natural sugar. It will help the body burn off the alcohol faster. Honey is a sweetener with the highest cincentration of fructose. Other good sources are cherries, apples, and grapes.

Get juiced.
A drink may be the farthest from your mind now. But sorry need it. Relief will come faster. Trust me. Drink some tomato, orange or grapefruit. Get a large glass of one of these, and down the hatch. These are high in fructose, and high in Vit C which will help minimize the effects of the alcohol.

Get bullish on the boullion.
A bowl or cup of boullion is the perfect morning after meal. It's light enough for the way your feeling.
It will help replenish the salt, potassium, and other vitamins, and minerals you lose from drinking tooooo much goofy juice.

Ha Ha think again. Absolutely not. That jolt of caffeine is a no no. There is no scientific evidence this helps a hangover.
But oh yes people grab it the first thing.
It's a diuretic. It can worsen your already dehydrated state.

Have a water night cap.
This is the biggest mistake, people make during a hangover. You need to drink as much as you can before going to bed. Again when you get up in the morning.

Despite what people say do not do this. It does not minimize a hangover. It increases blood alcohol concentrations, to induce a quicker more severe state of intoxication.

But do take it after.
If you have a headache or hangover you can take aspiri, or alkeseltzer.
Do wait 4 hours after drinking. Aspirin and booze together, can be irritating on the belly.

How to take the drunk out of the drink. Nurse it. The slower you drink, the less you drink. Consume no more than one drink per hour. The less severe the hangover.

Go for protein rich, or high fat foods.
Cheese and other foods high in protein stay in the digestive system longer. Therefore there is something in the stomach to soak up that alcohol. So less of a hangover in the morning.

Skip those pretzel and nut culprits.
They are salty and will make you drink more. Bars always put them out to snack on.

Rule of thumb.
The darker the drink, the cloudier your head will be in the morning.
Some of these include Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch and red wine. There loaded with congeners the addives, and impurities. Vodka doesn't have that many.

Watch the smoking.
The smoking, or being in a smoke filled room, will give you a dilly of a hangover, while drinking. Both alcohol and tobacco contain a hangover causing substance, called aceraldehyde. This stresses the liver.

Load Up on that C.
Take Vit C before drinking. It will help counteract some of the effects of alcohol. Vit C helps by speeding up alcohol clearance from the body.

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