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Best Way To Kill Spots And Acne Is Toothpaste

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I have been a spotty child for a long time and i get really upset when people say to me your ugly and you have a big spot on your face.

So i have tried so many different creams and medication, and nothing seemed to work. However one of my friends told me to use toothpaste because it gets rid of spots quickly.

I used this method and for a few nights and it didn't seem to work at first but i was hoping for big things to happen so soon which wasn't really going to happen. So i tried it for another few days and after a week my spots were beginning to go quickly.

However i will advise you to once you start using this method, don;t stop because i forget for a bit and then all my spots came back but i have started using it again and it's working more than ever.

Catherine-Victoria Briggs x

By: Catherine-Victoria Briggs

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Hey, I heard that rumor.
Unfortunatly, my skin reacted to the toothpaste.
It works on my cousin, but not on me!
No fair!


Its true what everyone says when i was 13 i was so spotty you could draw dot to dot on my face! but then i used atoothpaste i personally think colgate is the worst and aquafreash is the best use that on your face in the morning and night for a week or two and your blemishes and spots will be gone or reduced massivly! remember dont use makeup or verylittle and always wash off! try to keep hair out of your face as it makes your slin greasy...
and if your a boy who shaves use locion after it hepls keep it soft if you cut yourself it will heal but probley comeout in a soptt..! so goood luck

love abbyy..x

Thankz for the Adivce :) .

nothing has worked for me :( but i'm gonna try this method :)

i hope it works lol, one question, do i use any toothpaste ?

I Really hope the toothpaste thing works coz im using it right now, its a bit itchy and annoying but if it works i'll be happy :D

I wouldn't advise people with sensitive skin to use toothpaste as you can come out in a rash, I just done it and left it for about 4 hours and I came in a rash, only use this if you have skin type 3 or 4.
I would recommend sudocreme, savlon, however the results may vary as these have oils in them I think. TCP may not work because your skin might be dirty, make sure you wash. Witch Hazel, TCP, Clearsil Ultra and Neutrogena and other top named brands are all excellent exfoliaters.

I tried that, didnt change a thing.
just went all manky on my face.. :\

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