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How To Calculate The SPF You Need

Health And Fitness : Hot Weather Tips

What SPF do I need for my skin type, is a question that many people ponder.

Well, whilst those with darker skin burn less easily than those with lighter or fairer skin, of course, there is something to be said for us all using a high SPF.

Because your skin type has no impact on the actual rays that come from the sun, and they are still loaded with the UVA and UVB rays; the UVA ones being those that can contribute to skin cancer and result in wrinkling and ageing of skin.

So the first is to ensure that the cream protects against both of those rays.

The second thing to do is not bother calculating or trying to guess which SPF to use - go for the highest possible for the safest possible time in the sun; and remember even then to try to stay out of the sun in the heat of the day - when only mad dogs and englishmen go out!

By: Stephanie

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how to calculate the SPF...
- Mon, Nov 8th 2010

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