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Cat Body Language

Pets : Cats

Here is a guide to recognizing your cats body language and what your cat may be trying to tell you!

If your cat is happy, they will be relaxed and upright, there ears will be pointing upwards and you will hear that familiar sound of Purring..
If your cat is lying down, her paws tucked in, or maybe your cat is stretched out, this will mean your cat is a very happy cat!

If your cats tail is held high, they are trying to tell you that they are happy! :)


You will know if your cat is distressed if their eyes are wide open and not blinking, their ears will be flat and lifeless. Your cats head may be low and maybe tilted to one side. They might be showing that they are scared if their ears are flatted at the back of their head, sometimes they might crouch as if they were getting ready to defend themselves.


Your cat may be on the hunt, you will be able to tell this by their body language. Their eyes will be wide open, with their pupils narrowed, ears and whiskers will be pricked forward. Your cats body may be low to the ground and their tail may be low and twitchy.

We all have bad days, and so will your cat, you can tell if they are angry by picking up on these signs.
An angry cat will have a rigid body, their tail will be straight and stuff. They will be silent but they might hiss or even growl!
Your cat will try to look large and intimidating, if your cat is very furry that fur might even be stood up straight! Your cats ears will be tense but flat. Don't provoke your cat if you see any of these signs!

By: Jade

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