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Christmas Cracker Jokes


Christmas cracker jokes - they are so unfunny they are almost funny!

Here's a selection of five of the best Christmas cracker jokes out there, so sit back and laugh and enjoy these!

What do call a crazy golfer?
A crack put

Funny, right, well here's the next...

What's the fastest thing in the water?

A motor pike.

Stop laughing and read the next one!

What lies in a pram and wobbles?

A jelly baby

Starting to groan and lose the will to live? If so then the next Christmas cracker joke is sure to finish you off:

What kind of sweet goes swinging in the jungle?

Wow that really was bad wasn't it... was it the first you have ever come across though?

Well here is one more for you:

What would you get if all the cars in Britain were red?

A red carnation

Now that one is actually almost funny and clever so it goes last!

By: Stephanie

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