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How To Clean A Black Saucepan

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If you have burnt a saucepan black by letting it boil dry, there is a surefire easy method of cleaning it. Use the ends and peelings from when you prepare rhubarb. Just boil them up in the pan for a few minutes and the pan will come up as clean and bright as new.

By: Mark Richmond on Sat, Nov 30th 2002

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How to clean a burnt saucepan.

This is a tip I learnt from working in a college canteen kitchen. If food has stuck/burnt in a pan, put an egg cup full of normal washing powder such as Persil, half fill the pan with hot water and boil for 5 minutes. All the burnt food will just lift off.

A tip which has been passed on to me to clean saucepans which have burnt food on them is to pour in some Coca Cola, put it on the stove to boil and hey presto, the burnt food will dissolve.

Fabric softener does wonders. Either use a sheet in some water and let soak in the pan or use fabric softener liquid (like I usually do). I use Downey brand but I've heard from others than many other brands work just as well..

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