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Kitchen Cleaning

6 Steps To A Clean And Organized Refrigerator
Bacteria can grow fast in a refrigerator filled with old food, putting your families' health at risk. It is simple to keep your refrigerator clean and...

How To Clean A Black Saucepan
It's all rhubarb!

How To Clean A Burnt Pan
Stop the elbow grease and use this tip...

How To Clean A Microwave
Pyrex and lemon is the perfect combo

How To Clean A Stovetop
Use a grout brush for getting into the little nooks and crannies in the stove top instead of digging at them with a...

How To Clean Chrome Appliances
Chrome and oil...

How To Clean Fat Stains
Actually don't wash it straight off...

How To Clean Glass Vases
Got dentures? Use the tablets!

How To Clean Glassware
The joys of olive oil!

How To Clean Glassware And Plastic
a useful tip

How To Clean Limescale From Taps
vinegar to the rescue...

How To Clean Non-stick Pans
We have all been seduced by non-stick pans in recent years, and there is no doubt that they can make life a lot easier. However if you aren't using a...

How To Clean Pans With Burnt Food
Elbow grease to the rescue...

How To Clean Saucepans
Washing powder will help...

How To Clean Silver Cutlery
Cutlery can be clean...

How To Clean Stainless Steel
Undiluted vinegar!

How To Clean Tea/coffee Stains From Mugs
Dentures will help here...

How To Clean The Stove
No need to slave at the stove...

How To Clean Wood Panels
Wood you believe this tip...

How To Clean Your Fridge
Remember to take out the food first...

How To Clean Your Fridge Easily
Use this common household object...

How To Clean Your Kettle
use vinegar!

How To Clean Your Microwave
Water and vinegar...

How To Clean Your Oven
Cleaning products at home...

How To Clean Your Teapot
Bring in the Bicarb!

How To Clear Up Egg Mess
sprinkle with salt

How To Declutter Your Kitchen
Great tips on cleaning up the kitchen

How To Defrost Your Freezer
It has to be done, and here's how

How To Descale Your Kettle
Clean the kettle...

How To Get A Limescale Free Kettle
Simply use brown vinegar

How To Get Double Value From Vinegar
Before pouring vinegar down the sink to freshen it, run it through the kettle or coffee pot first. Then pour the used vinegar down the sink. It works just as...

How To Get Glasses To Shine
Steam clean

How To Get Rid Of Skid Marks On Linoleum
Got a rubber? Then use it

How To Get Rid Of The Limescale In A Clear Glass Kettle
Water and vinegar...

How To Keep Flies At Bay
Keep the room in mint condition

How To Keep The Grill Clean
Kitchen foil can help you here

How To Keep Your Fridge Smelling Nice
Bicarb is your friend...

How To Load A Dishwasher
Scrape off the crumbs, ok!?

How To Make A Conditioner Sheet For The Tumble Dryer
Use some fabric conditioner

How To Make A Copper Polish
Copper items look really good - at least that is whilst they are new. However, even though copper is quite unreactive, as metals go, over time it will...

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