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How To Clean A Carpet Cheaply

Cleaning : Carpet Cleaning

My tip is how to clean a carpet without expensive products. I get an ordinary nail brush/scrubbing brush, a bowl of hot water, a roll of kichen towel and washing up liquid.

I add the liquid to hot water and swill it around with the nail brush. then on the tough dirty marks i wet the brush and scrub the carpet until the bubbles fizz up and go all dirty brown then i clean it up with the paper towel and when it dries your carpet is sparkling and really soft and fluffy.

And it costs only pennies.

By: Sharon Proctor on Mon, Aug 22nd 2005

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How to clean chocolate milk stains on our office carpet?

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How to remove chocolate milk stains on our office carpet?...
- Mon, Jun 5th 2006

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