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Carpet Cleaning

Coffee Stain On Cream Carpet
Moved into a new house 8 weeks ago with cream carpets, brand new, was very paranoid about people walking in dirt etc and I have been the first to christen the...

How To Clean A Carpet Cheaply
Use these ordinary products...

How To Clean Animal Hair Off Stair Carpets
Time to don the rubber gloves, yah....

How To Clean Carpet Stains
Baby wipes!

How To Clean Chocolate Stains
Chocolate stains should not be licked up...

How To Clean Ketchup Stains From Carpets
The dreaded ketchup stain...

How To Clean Oil From Carpets
Got eucalyptus oil? You should!

How To Clean Red Wine Stain
Use another wine of course...

How To Fix A Cigarette Burn In A Carpet
use a brush!

How To Get Pet Hairs Off The Carpet?
moonwalk like Wacko!

How To Get Red Wine Out Of A Carpet
Salt it up!

How To Get Rid Of Old Milk Smells
White vinegar can help

How To Lift Carpet Piles
Make it cold

How To Mop A Floor
Sweep up or vacuum first

How To Neutralise Ammonia Solution
Use vinegar on the alkali cleaner...

How To Remove A Cigarette Burn From A Wool Carpet
Got any coppers lying around?

How To Remove A Liquid Spill From Carpet
Throw in the towel!

How To Remove Animal Hair
Get out the rubber glove!

How To Remove Black Marks
Use a rubber to help...

How To Remove Candle Wax From A Carpet
Kitchen towel will do the trick

How To Remove Chewing Gum Easily
Ice, ice baby!

How To Remove Deep Marks From Carpets
Ice it out...

How To Remove Heat And Water Stains
Get out the metal polish

How To Remove Indentations In Your Carpet
Keep it cool...

How To Remove Red Wine Stains
Red wine? Bring out the white!

How To Remove Scorch Marks
Did you know a potato could do this?!

How To Remove Wax From A Carpet
For those romantic old souls out there amongst you, who like nothing better than burning the odd candle from time to time, there can be problems with dropping...

How To Remove Wine Stains
Get out the hydrogen peroxide

How To Stop Chewing Gum Sticking To Carpets
Ice, ice, baby...

How To Stop Rug Fade
Move them around often!

How To Stop Rugs Fading
move them around!

How To Test Carpet Cleaning Products
Cleaning products and carpets...

How To Treat Fresh Stains
Use the baking soda and take your time...

How To Use Ammonia Solution
Ammonia is good as a bleach...

Remove Red Wine From A Light Carpet
It sounds like a bad combination doesn't it: a light coloured carpet, and a deep red wine stain starting to seep into it. Well the key to recovery is to act...

Removing Stains From Carpets
There are several tips on removing stains from carpets and how to do this, presumably because there are so many times where things spill on carpets. In fact...

Removing Yellow Mustard Or Curry
Welcome to the 21st century. New technology has now made stain removal a safe and easy process. Yellow mustard and curry can be removed in a mater of hrs no...

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