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How To Colour Your Hair Without Dye

Beauty : Haircare

We all know how many people, mainly women, dye their hair.

It is estimated that something like four out of five 'blondes' aren't natural in the slightest, with blonde hair colouring for instance actually being a lot rarer than it might appear when you walk down the street!

If you want to dye your hair, then you don't have to use chemical products bought from the drugstore or pharmacist.

That's because you can actually use a large selection of extracts from ordinary fruit and vegetables that you have at home to dye your hair a little over time, to give a subtle change in colour.

So take a look at the articles in this section on enhancing or changing colours naturally to get some more ideas!

By: Stephanie

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My hair is naturally brown but I like to keep it black. How can I keep it black naturally.

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