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Could I Be A Model?


I'm 5foot7 and I'm only 14 my legs are 34 inch and my waist is size 6 my top is size 8 so I could be a model because I'm the right build but with my spots there's no chance!

By: Ellie Weaver

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Hi im a boy and i was interested in modeling aswell but can never find a way 2 succeed but i have jus got a massive spot on my nose its goin down a bit now tho any tips??

I am the same i never know where to start who to call where to go i mean agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! It is sooooooo stressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In your local newpaper if you check the website or check the paper frequently you may find modeling opportunities. AMT or something of that extent usually has jobs in my area. Also, to help you if your serious get modeling or acting lessons (acting lessons WILL help) or get an agent who will find you opportunities. be prepared to travel quite a bit to get jobs.

I want to be a modle again cause i was 1 when i was three to eight. it runs in my family all my sises are 1 and they keep saying i shoud go back to it but i don't no cause i ave spots but i cant find any where to take me. i am the perfect build and coluor i have a perfect tan all year plz help frm odd 1 out

What do you mean by spots? What's a spot? You mean moles? If you mean moles, you know those can always be covered up and airbrushed. I myself have a gigantic, hideous mole smack between my eyes but hey, i'm just gonna believe that it looks exotic, or something. see moles make you look different, like cindy crawford.

I'm 5ft2.
It's my dream like.
Do i have any chance?

Don't worry about spots everybody gets them even top models.
Anyone who's serious about modelling needs to remember it's so hard and frustrating and takes alot of determination.
To find reptuble modelling agencies try
www.whoistesting.co.uk theres a whole list.
And for anybody who's just starting out never pay joining fees to agencies if they are reptuble they will not charge. I was ripped off a couple of years ago by a company called models-inc. Also try alba website it gives modelling advice and scam warnings

Yeah, what are spots? Pimples? Well, i'm only 13 and am about 5"4 now but I think I will probably grow taller. I want to be a model. Maybe just a face or hair model or something but I have no idea how to find jobs in this area or what i'm supposed to look like. A little help? Thanks.

I also LOVE modeling but i always thought that i never can be a model because my height is 5'4 ,
well...just wanted to know,CAN I BE A MODEL!?

Yes just not high fashion or catwalk. You can still do commercial or glamour

I don't no whether i could be a model or not.
I am photogenic, long brown hair, brown eyes.
5ft 6/7 and size 6 trousers and size 6 tops.

I rarely have spots, and am tanned.

Im 16 i want to be a model and im going to get myself sorted in college then try im 31-24-32 its rele difficult but i fink dat if u have confidence and believe u can do it u'l be fine cheryl x x

Hi Im 13 5Ft8 And Nearly A Half And My Legs Are Very Long.... I've Been Told I Should Do Modelling By A Numerous Amount If People Anyone Know How I Can Start Modelling?

I am 22, and av always wanted to be a glamour model but i think i dont av the confidence as i am only 5ft 2. and i dont no wea to start..please help.xx

Here is your opportunity. I am a Scout Manager working with TooSpoiled which is the fastest rising International Talent Network. I have positions in different types of Modeling and Acting. I am searching for people of all types of looks and dimensions because I have all types of gigs to offer. So the person you think you have to look like to be successful is not very accurate. I can definitely give you most of the gigs up for grabs right now. Team up with me right now. You can earn money from advertising and build your portfolio, while I find you your dream gigs which can take as little as 24 hours. You start by opening a 100% free account. Just go to TooSpoiled.com, click on "become a member now", and enter SEGO6303 as the Scout ID # in order to get access. I am only looking for those with dedication. Now your dream is that much closer to reality. If you have any questions at all about anything please contact me at the e-mail address below.


Sean G
Scout Manager

When is there going to be a proper curvy model?
The world needs another Marilyn Monroe.

This size 'zero' thing is getting so boring.
I think the 'boy' look is aswell.

When will agencies start accepting size tens?
Or...hour glass figures?

And when will the world stop seeing anything bigger than a size ten as 'FAT'

Ha, if any real women out there want to put together a curvy portfolio, email me.

Should be interesting to see what agencies accept it.


Hello, Iv done recent modelling shoots, u dont have to be 'perfect'! just need confidence in yourself!

Hi could ibe a model iam 5ft 8 brown short hair hazel eyes 9 stone 28 inch waist

Im 5'8, size 10, bt i do luk skinny (so ppl tel me...), i wana b a model bt ive gt sum cheeky pics wit ma friends or of myself bein vain...i realli wana hav sum gd pics of myself bt i dnt think it luks impressive enuff...i decided 2 email sum top modellin agencies in london which is where i live bt i dnt knw if i did da rite thing coz i realli dnt think ma pics r gd enuff...shud i email dem again bt with different pics or shud i jus leave it? HELP! X

I really want to be a model, i am only 14,
im 5'11 and i get really bullied for that.
I want to prove the bullies that im not just
lanky legs, but i dont know where to start..

I believe anybody can be a model if they want to.
However i would love to be a model because i have the breasts for it, however i don't have the face. I;m not pretty at all and that is what lets me down :(

anybody any suggestions to what i can do ?

Im 13 im 5,2 and i have afew spots but am toned and sporty and have big brown eyes and thin straight or curly hair i wonder could i ever bee a model ?

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