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How Your Child Can Earn Money Starring In TV Adverts


- If your kid realy wants to get TV work, either modelling or in ads, here's how:

- You need to be committed, as does your child. You might need to go to lots of auditions to get the big break

- Take some photos of your child, two or three in total to get a small portfolio

- Appoint an agent - in the UK you could try Norrie Carr Agency or Rascals Child Model agency

- Attend as many castings as you can

- Once you get work, your child can earn thousands of pounds at a time!

Note: 5 to 10 year olds get most work. There's more work for boys as girls prefer to act. Children with missing teeth will not be considered for many food adverts! Good luck!

By: Patricia on Sat, Aug 14th 2004

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I think it is wrong to use your child like that, i mean to earn you the thousands. I think it is discusting. Also to make people feel like they aren't good enough, like they don't have the look(of a model)it's not the only look out there. People of all shapes and sizes out there are just as beatiful!.

I agree with you Daracey but if the kid wants to do it let them. If I had a kid that wanted to act or model I would let them, I wouln't make them for money, but they might be good and make lots of cash too!

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