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How To Cover Employment Gaps In Your CV

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Not everyone will have been permanently employed during their career history.

With restructures and rejigs and therefore redundancies more and more common in companies, there are many who are out of work for a period of a few months and quite often longer whilst waiting for the next opportunity to come along.

The key is that this is nothing to be ashamed of, but at the same time, don't draw attention to this fact in your CV.

So for instance don't write something like 2002-3 Unemployed on the CV; but rather write something positive if you cover the period such as you were retraining, learning a new skill; or even that you were self-employed for a period of time if you did some odd jobs and pieces of work perhaps as a consultant during that period.

This shows initiative and positive use of time rather than sitting at home moping around, and is the best way to dress up periods where you have been out of work.

By: Fred

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