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How To Deal With Nerves When Meeting People


The most important thing to do is relax. It will make them feel less nervous too, so conversation will flow a lot better and the whole situation will not be awkward.

Always make a good, confident first impression as if you do this then people will be more likely to warm to you and like you. Even if you're much shyer afterwards.

Ask them questions too and dont just talk about yourself. It will make them feel liked. Make them laugh if you can too, but dont over do it.

Don't lie or you will not be seen as trustworthy or worth talking to.

Make eye comtact and smile as this will make you look friendly and genuine, even if you're quiet.

Control your breathing and think of worse situations to be in as this should calm you down and make you feel more at ease. Don't mumble - talk in a clear, and concise voice and don't rush your words. This way you will be heard without having to keep repeating yourself which may be awkward.

By: Danielle

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