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Protect Your Laptop


Laptops can be expensive so the last thing you want to do is go and damage it.

Buy a high quality laptop case or bag to transport it in whenever you take it outside of home. You can also store it in this when not using it in your house to avoid it getting damaged. Dont go with the cheapest product on the shelves, its best to invest in a slightly more expensive, high quality one. It should provide a lot of padding to protect it if it gets dropped or bashed around. It should also containg separate compartments so you can store your charger or CDs away from the laptop itself, therefore avoiding any scratches.

Never place your laptop anywhere high up as this can easily be knocked off onto the floor. Make sure you dont trip over any lap tops wires aswell.

Keep any water and liquids away from your laptop. Whenever you are in public, always keep hold of your laptop. Install a LoJack which is a software programme that tracks your laptop in the event that it gets stolen.

Always put a password on your laptop so people cant get into it.

By: Danielle

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