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Determine Your Skin Tone

Beauty : Skincare

To find out your skin tone, decide which season of the year you feel most accurately describes your complexion. People and skin tones can all be split up into one of four different categories based on their general skin colour, and eyes and hair. Find out which you are...

Winter skin tones have a blue or pink under tone. It can be pale white, a yellow ish olive or dark. However these people are often brunettes with deep coloured eyes. Many Asians and African Americans also fall into this category.

Summer complexions, like winter ones, have a blue or pink under tone as well. Skin is pale and pink, and these people are often natural blondes or brunettes but with pale eyes.

Autumn complexions have a golden under tone, so may red heads and brunettes with golden brown eyes fall into this category.

Spring complexions have golden under tones as well. They are often creamy white or peachy, and have straw coloured or strawberry red hair, maybe with freckles, rosy cheeks and blue or green eyes.

By: Danielle

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