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How To Do Hair Removal Pain Free

Beauty : Haircare

Hair removal is both necessary and painful.

The first thing is to decide what you're going to do: wax or shave. Remember shaving isn't painful unless you cut yourself, whereas waxing will hurt.

However it lasts longer.

Therefore the answer to pain free hair removal is simple - shave, not wax. Yes you may need to do it more often, but isn't the removal of the pain, if done carefully, worth it?!

By: Stephanie

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Could you tell me a way to get rid of hair so that you cant see all the little stubbles and crap for atleast a couple of days? i dont care about waxes or shaves i just need to get rid of it for a couple of days, no matte how often i have to go back and shave/wax it. plz tell me a good way to do that

Waxing seems a better option for long lasting hair removal which can last up to 4 weeks in my case . I Know shaving doesnt cause pain but the fact that you have to shave very often can be pretty annoying especially if you have a busy life.

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